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Speakers – AgileByExample 2012
October 4-5 2012
in Warsaw Spread the word!


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Agile evangelist, Certified Scrum Master, life coach. As a project manager he prefers to give autonomy to his teams and delegate tasks and decisions. That's because he believes in people's skills and abilities. He appreciates honesty and transparency in action. Privately yoga practicioner and salsa dancer.

Ewa has been working in in Allegro Group for almost 7 years as a customer care specialist, analyst, project and portfolio manager and now as a scrum master and Agile Center specialist. Knowing the company inside out she helps to introduce scrum into Allegro services and test her agile ideas on one innocent as a lamb team.

Jamie, now a director at EXEQTE Ltd, has been part of distributed agile teams in different companies for the past 8 years. He's been responsible for delivering diverse solutions with diverse teams: from multi-million dollar market data products in Stock Exchanges to specialised DSP systems with global branding. In that time he has learned a lot about agile development, and distributed teams in general. Much of that experience went into developing agile-trac, a free and open-source extension to the popular trac project management software. One of his main passions is in bringing agile development to the companies he works in, including his own! He's been fortunate to do this for reasonable project periods (up to 3 years in one case) and in truly distributed settings. This has been a good way to understand the effects of going agile, and more importantly learn from them - what’s really important and what’s not.

Jasper is an Agile Coach at VX Company in The Netherlands. He helps team and organizations adopt a Leaner way of working. He has experience working in and around a teams with various levels of Agile maturity in both Scrum and Kanban environments. His focus at the moment is mainly on large organizations.

Karthik Sirasanagandla is a software craftsman and an agile evangelist for whom observation, experimentation and (un)learning is continuous. In his current capacity he is a Senior Consultant and Rails developer at ThoughtWorks. He has extensive experience in web development in varied technologies and development practices - and that he considers his unique strength.

He enjoys hanging around in conferences, geek-weekends, meet-ups as guest/speaker/facilitator. He blogs not so frequently at and He e-socialzes with the agile/geek crowd with his twitter handle @kartzontech. He publishes his open code work via github with handle - @karthiks.

Lastly, don't forget to ask him about Agile practices you'd like him to talk about, he'll share his experience and opinion distinctively and openly.

I’m working as Functional Manager and Agile Coach at KARL STORZ in Switzerland. I love reading books, playing Saxophone and speaking at conferences. My passion is to help teams implementing agile frameworks like Scrum and XP and to transform our world of work.

Marcin Czenko is the owner of Red Green Refactor providing consultancy and training services helping organisations to improve their delivery in a complex and continuouslychanging environment.

Marcin is Scrum and eXtreme Programming (XP) practitioner since 2007. He mastered his Scrum and eXtreme Programming skills in world top engineering organisations like Philips Research Software Engineering Services (one of the first eXtreme Programming groups in the Netherlands) and Motorola Electronics. Since 2011 he also works as a consultant at Quantum of Value, Ltd, providing agile training and consultancy services in UK and all around the world. Being active member of Scrum and eXtreme Programming communities, he regularly participates as a speaker in various Agile events. Along his work as a trainer
and coach, Marcin remains active developer, working on his own products and supporting partners in product development. In 2009 he defended his Ph.D. in the area of computer security at the University of Twente,Enschede, The Netherlands. In February 2011 Marcin started his own company Everyday Productive where he develops productivity software for the Apple™ platform and – as Red Green Refactor – he provides training and consultancy services.

I continually learn to develop better software and to develop software better, to help others do it and to share that knowledge. I enjoy working with people and working with code always striving to see the whole. I embrace values of eXtreme programming and aim to delight customers by delivering value. I like to share my passion and enthusiasm by speaking publicly to communities small and large and occasionally scribbling some thoughts at

Marek is practitioner of both agile and lean. Founder of agile software house, animator of biggest and most active agile community in Poland - AgileWarsaw. Always eager to learn and share knowledge.

Mateusz is a Scrum Master and Agile Coach who helps teams and companies improve as an independent consultant.
He is one of the founders and animators of AgileWarsaw - a group of Warsaw-based Agile and Lean enthusiasts.
Mateusz has 5 years' experience of using scrum both with a team, and - on a larger scale - in the company.
He was in charge of redesigning and scaling out the server-side software infrastructure for the biggest Polish instant messenger.
At the moment he takes care of a team of 40+ developers working in a multinational environment building an advanced backup system.

Michał Czyż has been working professionally as a web developer since 2007, and from the very begining of his professional career, his choice is Ruby on Rails. In 2010 he became a team leader, guiding his team mates with his experience and helping them to follow the path to improvement. These experiences combined led Michał into thinking, how to optimize the flow of writing documentation and tests for applications and has resulted in several open source solutions, that are used with great success in Selleo, where Michał currently works. Michał was a man behind the Global Day of Code Retreat in Bielsko-Biała, Poland, a successful event that gathered programmers proficient with different languages and from various backgrounds that met to learn and share their experiences. Michał is also one of the core members of SRUG - a local Ruby users group community, where he is known for evangelizing best practices.

Monika Konieczny graduated from the Faculty of Computer Science in Poznań. Monika is a PhD student at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. In her research she studies broad aspects of the soft project management, especially effective motivation and use of gamification and simulation games to make the team happier :) and more productive. She works as a Director of Engineering/Scrum Master at iLoop Mobile, where she coordinates the work of the teams (distributed and on-site) creating tools necessary to run mobile adds campaigns. Monika is interested in traveling around the world, diving and photography.

Developing IT systems since 2002. In 2004 joined TouK as a Java developer. Since then took part in projects in many roles: from a tester to a system architect to a project manager. From the dawn of time a believer in the agile values, though only found out they are actually called agile in 2008. Later on introduced Scrum and then Kanban in TouK. Currently holding a position of board member in TouK; from time to time managing projects or coding a little bit. Experienced in delivering systems for enterprises, mainly in telco and finance areas.

Really passionate about making companies work as effectively as possible. Strongly believing in simplicity and quality.

An active member of the Agile Warsaw community, and delivering there a presentation from time to time. In free time doing too much stuff - traveling a lot, diving here and there and in between - playing a guitar in a rockmetal band.

Roger is sometimes working as a Product Owner and sometimes as a Scrum Master at Arctic Group AB. He is also working as an Agile coach at other companies. He has worked with software development for 19 years, and is a Certified Agile Master.

When not at work, Roger is a alpine ski-instructor (and especially likes to ski with his daughter) in winter and sea-kayak instructor during summer.

Roy Osherove is the chief scientist at, and the author of "The Art Of Unit Testing" and "Notes to a software team leader". He is also one of the original ALT.NET organizers. He consults and trains teams worldwide on the gentle art of unit testing, test-driven development and how to lead software teams. He frequently speaks at international conferences on these topics and others.

I’m Agile Coach, Consultant and Trainer focused on process improvements and basic technical practices like TDD, BDD, Emergent Architecture and Pair Programming. During last few years I was participating and leading couple Agile transformations in various IT organisations.

I have about 6 years of experience in IT business - from Software Tester, through Programmer, QA Engineer to Scrum Master, Manager and QA Lead. Working on various projects in different methodologies like Waterfall, RUP and finally Scrum and Kanban with some XP practices I’ve learned that everything starts from the people in organisation and it’s all about their knowledge so I became Trainer. Now I'm learing Scrum and XP practices and coaching few teams in continous improvements of their technical practices.

Since I discovered something called “Agile” few years ago I’m trying convince other IT people that appropriate methodology and good practices in software development are only what they need to assure best quality for the products.

I am passionate in pragmatic approach to everything what I’m doing and I hate wastes.

Seasoned software developer. Except for coding for about 30 years, he has been responsible for fostering agile practices, managing and staffing software projects, business development and mentoring. He has witnessed tons of new technologies, trends and fashions in the industry.

Currently he runs agile and Atlassian consulting business in the company he co-founded – SPARTEZ. Besides leading projects arounds Atlassian JIRA on a daily basis, Wojciech contributed to several open source projects and is an author of ScreenSnipe – a commercial screenshotting tool sold globally.

Wojciech was presenting at several international conferences including Devoxx, Agile, AgileEE, EclipseCon, AtlasCamp, Javarsovia, 33rd Degree, JDD, AgileByExample and smaller technical/business events in Poland and abroad.