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Piotr Burdyło – AgileByExample 2012
October 4-5 2012
in Warsaw Spread the word!

Piotr Burdyło

Developing IT systems since 2002. In 2004 joined TouK as a Java developer. Since then took part in projects in many roles: from a tester to a system architect to a project manager. From the dawn of time a believer in the agile values, though only found out they are actually called agile in 2008. Later on introduced Scrum and then Kanban in TouK. Currently holding a position of board member in TouK; from time to time managing projects or coding a little bit. Experienced in delivering systems for enterprises, mainly in telco and finance areas.

Really passionate about making companies work as effectively as possible. Strongly believing in simplicity and quality.

An active member of the Agile Warsaw community, and delivering there a presentation from time to time. In free time doing too much stuff - traveling a lot, diving here and there and in between - playing a guitar in a rockmetal band.

Session: Be careful when entering a casino - why we stopped playing poker

From time to time every software developer has to answer one difficult question... "How much time do you need to get it done?" Even though giving an answer may be difficult, evading it inevitably leads to military escalation between developers and managers.

A more or less standard way to do estimation in many agile processes is some variation of planning poker. Implementing it in our projects turned out to be more difficult than we expected.

In the talk I will cover the way we introduced planning poker, the reasons why we stopped playing it and what we now do instead. How we use post-its and whiteboard to run a project (track progress) and to sell a project (given that in our world a bid has nothing to do with agile).

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