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Jamie Allsop – AgileByExample 2012
October 4-5 2012
in Warsaw Spread the word!

Jamie Allsop

Jamie, now a director at EXEQTE Ltd, has been part of distributed agile teams in different companies for the past 8 years. He's been responsible for delivering diverse solutions with diverse teams: from multi-million dollar market data products in Stock Exchanges to specialised DSP systems with global branding. In that time he has learned a lot about agile development, and distributed teams in general. Much of that experience went into developing agile-trac, a free and open-source extension to the popular trac project management software. One of his main passions is in bringing agile development to the companies he works in, including his own! He's been fortunate to do this for reasonable project periods (up to 3 years in one case) and in truly distributed settings. This has been a good way to understand the effects of going agile, and more importantly learn from them - what’s really important and what’s not.

Session: Thinking Distributed to Improve Agility

I've spent several years working in fully distributed agile teams and I've learned that the distributed setting highlights the need to get to the essence of agility. Having then spent time with co-located teams that profess to be agile I've found that applying the distributed mindset can help break the often in-grained and dysfunctional approaches that sometimes foster. So what before I may have thought of being limiting factor in distributed development I have now found to be an advantage.

Learning outcomes would be:

how distributed agile techniques can be applicable in a co-located setting
how going distributed can be an effective way to address problems in a non-agile stagnating culture
there is a balance that can be reached after the initial switch to a distributed approach

Part of the talk will be to present recipes that work well in a distributed setting based on real world experience, and then explore why that's the case and then suggest how that might help the general case. The underlying theme here is that the more 'extreme' the setting the more important it is to get to the real essence of agility in order to succeed. By doing this we learn how to be more agile in general.

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