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AgileByExample 2012 - Agile conference in Warsaw, Oct 4-5, 2012
October 4-5 2012
in Warsaw Spread the word!

Agile conference in Warsaw, Oct 4-5, 2012

AgileByExample 2012 at a glance:

  • second edition of an international event
  • for developers and managers
  • unique venue offering a fantastic climate
  • presentations & discussions, all held in English.



AgileByExample 2012 Feedback Summary

Thank you one more time for taking part in the second edition of AgileByExample and contributing to the development of agile within the community.

As dedicated practitioners we carefully looked into the feedback we got from you to make the next edition even better.

Here are the main points that we considered when summing up results of the survey carried out after the event.

Overall feedback

The general feeling about the conference was very positive. On the scale from 1 (bad) to 4 (awesome) the average result was 3,17.

Also the vast majority – 92% of respondents stated, that they will or maybe will attend the event next year.

We are very happy with this fact, as it means, that the conference brings real value to the participants and we should proceed with our efforts to organize it next year. 


When considering the most important element of the event – presentations on average were given 2,91 points compared to previous year – 2,81. We are glad that the perceived level of the content is rising.

We also asked respondents to rate the presentations and here are those from the TOP 5:

  1. Roy Osherove with ‘Growing Effective Teams’
  2. Monika Konieczny with ‘Gamified Retrospective’
  3. Marcin Czenko with ‘Agile Teams: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’
  4. Marc Loeffler with ‘From an idea to a product’
  5. Marek Kirejczyk with ‘Visibility, Feedback, Continuous Integration and Fun’

You can view all the presentation slides, as they are already available at the Speakers page.

In case of presenters – it also seems, that we managed to meet their expectations. Here are just a few messages that we got after the conference:

  • ‘Just wanted to say again what a great conference it was the past couple of days. I’ve been to a few and this one has a vibe all of its own. I really think you are onto something.’
  • ‘It was a pleasure for me speaking in Warsaw. You guys did a great job!’ 

Venue, breaks and lunch

In terms of logistics, it’s worth mentioning that again the venue was quite original. This time it was a popular club – 1500m2. We tend to choose such places, as we find this informal and straightforward contact between attendees, presenters and organizers most valuable.

Although, we realized, that such unconventional places sometimes are less convenient for attendees. We know, that we have to work on keeping the venue informal while making it much more comfortable.

The venue was ranked with 2,80 points, breaks with 2,87 and lunch with 2,30. We are aware of the aspects that should be improved and we will make our best to do this next year.

Apart from this feedback summary, you can can also read the impressions of the attendees:

If you haven’t attended AgileByExample this year, you can find some photos taken during the event at

Looking at the feedback we got, we are already looking forward to organizing the next edition of AgileByExample! Thank you all for being a part of this!

No responses.

Slides already available!

It’s already two weeks after the event and just the right time to put in force the best agile practices described at the conference.

And that’s why we have something special for you.

All the presentations from the conference are available on the website, in the speakers’ section.

Hope you will enjoy and share them with others.

Go to speakers’ section to view the slides:

No responses.

In the era after AgileByExample 2012

Second edition of AgileByExample ended up on Saturday (5th October). After months of preparation, finally we look back on those most important for us days in a year and hey – we are really happy with them!

175 people attended the conference, which was supported by four sponsors and three media partners that we would like to thank one more time.

We had 17 speakers – 9 Polish and 6 foreigners. There was one guitar and one speaker singing during the keynote. Two women were speakers, one of which took her clothes of (at least two T-shirts) during the presentation. One African drum was used for announcing the end of breaks.

On the day three we had Open Spaces attended by around 30 participants and topics ranging from – how to give a feedback and scrums at FBI.

There were 10 organizers altogether from: SoftwareMill, Agilers and Agile Warsaw.

The event took place at 1500m, well known for its epic parties club in Warsaw.

One more time thank you all of making this event so inspiring, thought-provoking and we are already looking forward to the third edition!




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